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Weddings at St Andrews


Congratulations on your engagement!

Marriage is God’s wonderful gift to help humans flourish. It is a great good not only for the people getting married, but also for any children they might be blessed with, and for our society as a whole.

A couple don't have to be Christians to be validly married in God’s eyes, or to appreciate this gift and benefit from it.

However, the Bible makes the astounding claim that when a man and a woman are married, their marriage can at times be a picture of the ultimate “marriage” between Jesus and his “bride”, the church. A picture of how Jesus loves the church, and a picture of his ultimate sacrifice in dying on the cross for her sins.

Learning from the greatest marriage of all

We are thrilled to see any couple, Christian or non-Christian, get married. Nevertheless, in order to have the best possible marriage, to raise any children you might have in the best possible way, and to be the greatest blessing to your community, why not come and join us to hear more about this ultimate “marriage” between Jesus and the church?

Because when we put our trust in Jesus and what he’s done, he doesn’t just forgive our sins, he changes us. That change is always for the better, and it won’t just benefit you, but everyone you know and love.

“In the beginning God created them male and female”

Because of our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, we take him on his word that God created marriage to be between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others. Therefore, should the definition of marriage in the Australian Marriage Act be changed, then in good conscience our Minister will not be able to conduct weddings for same-sex couples, nor will we be able to permit others to conduct same-sex weddings in our church building.

Having just said this, it might seem strange to hear we really do love same-sex couples. Indeed, we think the most loving thing we can do, is gently, and with respect, point out—not only to same-sex couples but to everyone—that there really is a God, who is the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that God made human beings to live in a particular way.

Living in accordance with his blueprint is right and results in human flourishing. But going against his blueprint is wrong and leads to human misery.

These are big claims, and so with genuine warmth we invite everyone and anyone to join us on any Sunday and explore these claims with us. Jesus didn’t come to dampen our lives, he came so that we might have life, and have it in the full.

Which weddings does our Minister conduct?

Because of other commitments, our Minister is only available to conduct the weddings of people associated with our church family.

As his duty, privilege and joy our Minister conducts Christian weddings where one or both of the people getting married:

  • Regularly attend services in the St Andrews Parish, whether or not they are formal members.
  • Regularly attended services in the St Andrews Parish, before infirmity made it impossible for them to do so, whether or not they are formal members.
  • Are immediate family of someone who regularly attends services in the St Andrews Parish, whether or not these attendees are formal members.
  • Are immediate family of someone who regularly attended services in the St Andrews Parish, but who can no longer do so because of infirmity, whether or not these past attendees are formal members.

Our Minister is ordinarily unavailable to conduct other weddings.

“Services in the St Andrews Parish” includes Presbyterian Church of NSW services that are held/were held at: St Andrews Wagga Wagga, Knox Kooringal, Scots Church of the Pioneers Oura, St Ninian’s Gumly Gumly, Tarcutta Presbyterian Church, and at St Stephens Downside.

“Immediate family” includes a person’s parents, siblings and children.

Making use of our building

Our church building provides a beautiful and memorable wedding venue. We love seeing people get married, and so to perhaps make a couple’s special day that little bit more special, we offer our building for hire for weddings that will be conducted by a Christian minister or a registered civil marriage celebrant.

How to arrange a wedding at St Andrews

Please call or email us: (02) 6921 2317;

In order to maintain our buildings and grounds so that the public can continue to use them, we must charge a fee for weddings. In 2016, the maximum fee for a wedding is $700, being $450 for the use of the building and $150 for an Audio-Visual Operator/Chair Arranger, and a further $100 for an Organist, if required.

For the weddings of those who regularly attend services in the St Andrews Parish, or who did so before infirmity made it impossible, and for their immediate family, the maximum fee is $250, being $150 for an Audio-Visual Operator/Chair Arranger, and a further $100 for an Organist, if required.